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Welcome to the new home of InsightPractice!  The InsightPractice list is for the discussion and questions about Buddhism and its theory and practice. Its primary topics include Buddhist ideas and doctrines, both ancient and modern. They also include Buddhist meditation practices (mindfulness and concentration). The applications of Buddhist theory and practice to daily life and to other religions and philosophies are of special interest. Please, feel free to introduce a primary topic or question of interest to you. Not logged in? Not a member? See buttons at the bottom of this page.

A special welcome to members of dhamma-list on Yahoo Groups. By agreement of the owners of both groups, dhamma-list is being merged with InsightPractice. The archives of dhamma-list are available here. If you want to respond to a recent message from dhamma list, you may open a new topic here and copy and paste from the original message. Please identify the poster of each paragraph in your new topic and clearly indicate the new contributions that you make.

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Keywords: Buddhist meditation concentration satipatthana vipassana insight sutta sutra Dhamma Dharma Buddha

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