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Pali Roman Characters

ASCII rendering 
character name  Unicode number 
key combination 
HTML code
ā aa a macron U+0101 Alt+A ā
ī ii i macron U+012B Alt+I ī
ū uu u macron U+016B Alt+U ū
.m m dot-under U+1E43 Alt Gr+M ṁ
.n n dot-under U+1E47 Alt+N ṇ
ñ ~n n tilde U+00F1 Alt+Ctrl+N ñ
.t t dot-under U+1E6D Alt+T ṭ
.d d dot-under U+1E0D Alt+D ḍ
"n n dot-over U+1E45 Ctrl+N ṅ
.l l dot-under U+1E37 Alt+L ḷ